About Us

Here at Happy Kinda Life we understand women. And we understand clothing. And we understand that women and their clothing are a complicated combination.

Real women are living lives that are full and exciting. They have more jobs, more activities and more commitments than ever before. And they want to look and feel great as they live this ultimate adventure called life. We understand the needs of modern women. We share her values. We understand that whether a woman is at work, at home or at play, she expresses herself in not just what she does - but in what she wears when she's doing it. We want to inspire her style. Flatter her beautiful body. Help simplify her choices. Make her Happy.

We offer a versatile, accessible and affordable collection. Every time we pick up a pencil and sketch a new design we think about you. We think about what you do. Where you go. What will flatter your body. What will make you feel Happy.

Our goal is always to offer a unique combination of affordable, flattering fashion made with amazing workmanship.

The clothing industry is a complicated place, and we all have to do our bit in holding ourselves to ever higher standards. We need to embrace innovation but also be ever mindful of our impact on the environment. We need to build strong relations with our suppliers to ensure our products are made ethically and make sure we pay them a good price for a job well done.

We need to look after this little planet of ours, we need to look after our neighbours who inhabit it, we need to think not just about ourselves, but future generations. And we need to look stylish whilst we do it!!